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We Create Donor Journeys

Where do you want to go?








There's a story behind every donor.

And a place for every donor in your story.

We create pathways leading as many people as possible to support your organisation.

For 30 years we have worked with charities to create multi-channel donor journeys.


From direct mail to digital, cash to regular giving to bequests, every path we create is designed to add more donors, with higher second gift rates, greater conversion to regular giving and more bequest confirmations.

Using data analysis, segmentation and advanced modelling, we create journeys that maximize the lifetime value of each and every donor.

Magic Tricks

Fundraising is about money.

The journey you take each donor on costs money.


The mail you send out, the calls you make, the digital leads you buy, and the ads you create - they all cost money.


We create donor journeys on time and on budget. We spend money where the greatest ROI is possible.


And we know when to NOT spend money on a supporter that just isn’t going to give again.

Fundraising is about MORE than money.

Everyone knows someone who doesn’t eat meat or won’t wear fur. They speak out for those who have no voice -- and they tell you all about it.

Every cause has its evangelists. If you really want to change the world, turn your donors into more than just a way to raise money.


We turn donors into influencers -- creating countless new pathways for more donors to join your vision for a better world.

Breast Cancer Awareness Race

A safe pair of hands

We have 30 years experience:


    Acquiring new donors cost effectively

    Maximising second gift rates

    Converting leads to regular giving

    Upgrading mid-value donors

    Building a bequest pipeline, and

    Modelling an investment/return strategy to sell to boards.

We create donor journeys that are sustainable

Your donors do more than give money

They make your vision a reality


Contact us

Derek Glass
+61 (0)418 113 796


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