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Mid-Level Giving

Did you know that 50% of donors who made their first gift of $1,000 or more did so by direct mail? And only 10% did so through an event? That's right...


Mid-level donors have become the major donors of fundraising appeals. They can contribute as much as 50% of the net income of your appeals. Across the fundraising sector, second gift rates are declining, but upgrades are rising. That means a smaller pool of donors are giving an ever larger percentage of the overall total. 


We use dynamic donor ranking, wealth and demographic data appends, upgrade/downgrade tables and probability scoring to produce prospect pools that help charities find and nurture mid-level donors and those on their way to making major gifts.

We then use innovative and unique communications and engagement strategies to create customised mid-level donor experiences that maximise lifetime value.

High Value Fundraising Appeals

It doesn't make sense to spend the same amount of money on a $20 donor and a $200 donor. Spending 2x more on a donor who gives 10x more on average makes a lot of financial sense and can pay off really well.  

We create high-touch, big impact fundraising appeals targeted at your best donors. Spend more money on those donors who give you more. It works. 

Veterans with Flowers

Giving Societies

We help charities create a tailored identity, community, and “inside track” experience for mid-level donors, setting levels that reflect your donor base.

Build benefits that meaningfully celebrate mid-level donors —providing structure for stewardship in the process. Complete with membership levels and corresponding benefits.

Veterans with Flowers
Volunteer Group

Invitations, Challenge Matches, Mini Proposals and Annual Reports

Moving beyond traditional fundraising appeals, we employ a variety of high-impact strategies to engage your mid-level donors more deeply into your overall fundraising strategies.


In doing so, your mid-level donors become key strategic partners helping achieve your fundraising goals and imbedding them more meaningfully in the delivery of your programs and services.  

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