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We've been doing digital fundraising since the 1990's. And experience counts in digital just like it

does in any other profession.

We're experts in driving digital fundraising results. Our range of services include value exchange programs, digital leads prospecting, digital donor care communications, landing pages and integrated e-appeals. 

Whether you're looking to develop a digital strategy from scratch, or need help integrating digital more seamlessly within your wider marketing strategy, we work with you to understand your objectives, your challenges, and your organisation to construct a framework that empowers

you to reach your goals.

Click on the icon to watch Baker Heart and Diabetes' digital and TV value exchange commercial

Value Exchange Programs

PETA offers you a vegan cookbook. The Royal Flying Doctors offers you a first aid kit. WWF offers you a panda plush toy.

Offer something valuable to potential donors and open the door to finding long-term financial supporters.


Along the way, you can mass market your key messages and share your vision with millions of people. Raise your profile and grow your donor base all at the same time

We helped create one of PETA's first vegan cookbooks in the 1990's and we've created hundreds of value exchange programs since.

Digital Leads Prospecting

A lead generation campaign never stands still, neither do we. Thanks to our strong partnerships with industry leaders we deliver fully integrated, real-time campaigns, from advertising to conversion into regular giving.


We deliver a full range of creatives from surveys, standalone questions and targetted Facebook, You Tube and Instagram ads. We take care of the media planning, stay on top of new data opportunities and deliver qualified leads.

Electronic Gadgets

Integrated E-Appeals

Fully integrated, multi-wave campaigns are a must to maximise campaign income and give your organisation a chance to cut through the noise at busy fundraising times of the year.


A digital component is an essential part of a donor campaign but it must be timed and executed perfectly, to reflect and support the campaign’s goals and branding. We deliver flawless e-creatives that will enhance campaign results and not end up in the junk mail.


Contact us

Derek Glass
+61 (0)418 113 796


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