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Data Science

Your beautifully designed creative and your passionate copy will fail if you send it to the wrong people. Data matters more than your creative. Data makes or breaks most fundraising campaigns. Experience matters and that's where we come in.

We pioneered the use of data cooperatives in Australia and were the first agency to use complex multivariate list segmentation. We can perform standard recency-frequency-money (RFM) segmentations for house appeals to complex propensity modelling using data overlays, regression modelling, CHAID, genetic algorithms and other forms of machine learning and

artificial intelligence.

A woman looking at charts on the screen
A woman looking at charts on the screen

List Segmentation

We know how to ask the right donors for the right thing at the right time.


We build list segmentation models to support each step in the donor's journey -- from new donor acquisition to second gift conversion, upgrading to mid-level giving, cross-selling to regular giving and bequests all the way through to donor reactivation. 

Propensity Modelling

Which donors are most likely to give again? Which ones are able to donate larger amounts? Which donors should I talk to about bequests?

And who should I just give up on and stop wasting my time (and money) talking to them? 

The answer lies in your data and our complex data modelling tools help you find the answers to those questions and much, much more. 

Lifetime Value Modelling

The lifetime value of a donor tells you how much they are worth to you over the long haul. It empowers you to discard short term thinking and opens up much greater opportunities over time.

Lifetime value modelling is also very complex financial analysis. It is customised work specific to each individual charity and their unique circumstances. 

LTV modelling is like the map that leads you on your journey. Build the right map and it leads you to treasure. Get it wrong, and it leads you on an expensive journey to nowhere. 


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Derek Glass
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