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The end of your donor's journey is also the beginning. Give them the will to see it through. Educate, encourage, reward and recognise your donors who leave a bequest to your charity. At the same time, identify and cultivate those donors most likely to leave a bequest in the near future.

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Bequest Propensity Modelling

We use mortality and actuarial models combined with your donor's transactional data to identify not just the donors most likely to leave a bequest, but those most likely to do so sooner, and most likely to leave you a larger amount.

What's more, you can predict your bequest income more accurately. Future proofing your organisation for years to come.

Having that conversation

For decades, we've talked to millions of people about their Wills. We know how to have that conversation and do it effectively. 

Educating your donors about bequests, making them aware of how important they are, and having that in-depth discussion is key to building a reliable bequest pipeline.

We create engaging materials that inform and inspire your donors to leave the ultimate gift. 

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Reward, Recognise and Memorialise

We help charities find innovative and engaging ways to reward and recognise donors during their lifetime who decide to leave a bequest. And to memorialise their gifts after their lifetime. 

From giving societies to special events, there are a myriad number of ways you can bring your donors along on a journey that continues beyond their life here on earth. 


We turn donor journeys into legacies that last for generations.

Building a Bequest Pipeline

By scaling out this strategy, we create a high-volume bequest income pipeline. Identifying bequest prospects within your donor base and within the community at large.


Using bequest societies, gift in wills appeals, surveys, communications pre and post confirmation, we build a stable and reliable income stream that pays off for decades.


Contact us

Derek Glass
+61 (0)418 113 796


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