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Individual Giving

We believe that a small group of caring people can do great things.

But a really BIG group of people can achieve a LOT more.

Individual Giving provides unrestricted funds, giving you greater flexibility. It's the key to getting bequests, finding major donors and much more.

A big donor base also gives you POWER. Donors recruit. They influence people you can't reach. They do more than donate - they build a movement.

Donor Acquisition

Our premium direct mail acquisition package designs completely revolutionised the industry. Many have been mailed for over a decade. 

Virtually nobody can beat our combination of high response rates and low cost of acquisition -- often breaking even on the first gift. 

Our list planning and data selection methodology targets the right donors, at the right age, with the right giving profile to maximise the value of each and every donor you acquire. 

Donor Retention

The first gift is merely the beginning of your donor's journey. We build programs that yield high second-gift rates, tranforming them into multi-frequency donors that give for many years.

For 30 years, our Christmas and Tax appeals mail on time, under budget and over plan. 


The more often your donors give, the more likely they are to leave you a bequest, convert to regular giving or make a major gift.

And a high response rate to each and every house appeal is the key to making that happen. 

Mid Level Giving

Mid-level donors have become the major donors of fundraising appeals. They can contribute as much as 50% of the net income of your appeals.

We use dynamic donor ranking to produce prospect pools.

We then deploy engagement strategies and cultivation strategies like giving societies, goal-oriented targets, focused special interest groups and peer-to-peer fundraising networks.   


Direct Mail cash donors are THE pipeline for bequests. If you want to increase your bequests, increase the number of cash direct mail donors you acquire each year. It's that simple. 

We create individual giving programs with one key objective -- to generate bequest income. 

We use data to acquire donors at the right life stage. And we carefully test and refine every appeal to maximise gift frequency and increase bequest propensity. 

Neck Tattoo

Influencers and Advocates

If you want your donor to wear your cause on their sleeve, you need to give them the patch and show them how to sew it on.

We create donor journeys that get inside your donor's head, transforming their sense of identity and how they represent themselves to the world. 

Your donors can do much more than give you money. They can literally become walking, talking advocates who influence everyone around them, reaching audiences you never could any other way. 

Contact us

Derek Glass
+61 (0)418 113 796


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